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Gimell Records was founded by Steve Smith and myself in March 1980. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event – which gains in significance when one remembers how few independent labels there were in those days when compared with the current scene – we have released a new recording: Victoria’s three sets of Lamentations for Holy Week, coupled with Padilla’s Lamentations. Although our two milestones were not planned to coincide quite like this, we are now linking them – and the media in this country are making the most of them. There are essentially two types of article to peruse: reviews of the new CD (which you can read by accessing the newspapers in question direct); and magazine comment on the history of Gimell, which has to be accessed by a more difficult route.

Here are the links to the newspaper reviews:

The Guardian review (five stars): http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/mar/04/victoria-lamentations-padilla-jeremiah
The Sunday Times review (four stars): http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/cd_reviews/article7048724.ece

And the links to the magazines:

Gramophone April 10 PP Diary (PDF)

Musical Opinion Mar April 10 p1 (PDF, page 1 of 2)

Musical Opinion Mar April 10 p2 (PDF, page 2 of 2)

The Singer p1 (PDF, page 1 of 2)

The Singer p2 (PDF, page 2 of 2)

MUSO 11, p50 (PDF, page 1 of 2)

MUSO 11, p51 (PDF, page 2 of 2)

In addition there will be a Radio Three feature about Gimell on CD Review, starring Steve Smith and myself interviewed by Andrew McGregor, on the morning of Saturday April 10th. CD Review normally runs from 9.00 to 12.15.


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from left to right: PP, Jan Coxwell, Amy Haworth, Caroline Trevor, Patrick Craig, George Pooley, Simon Wall, Mark Dobell, Don Greig, Steve Smith, Rob Macdonald

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The Tallis Scholars on the way – in a style which does not always typify their transport in the US – to their 400th concert in North America. From left to right: George Pooley, Don Greig, Caroline Trevor, Jan Coxwell, Patrick Craig, Simon Wall, Amy Haworth (knitting). On the floor: Rob Macdonald and Will Balkwill. Chris Watson took the picture, and my fingers are visible to the extreme right.

As we near the end of our 50th North American tour I have three pieces of news to impart:

1) During this tour we sang our 400th concert in North America. By the end of the tour the figures read: USA 368; Canada 34; Mexico 1.

2) Our recording of Josquin’s Missa Malheur me bat was nominated for a Grammy in the small ensemble category.

3) We were listed as the fourth most influential early music group in the history of the early music revival by the magazine Early Music Today, and feature in its story Early Music 10 Most Influential Early Music Ensembles. The three groups or conductors above us were David Munrow, John Eliot Gardiner and Christopher Hogwood’s Academy of Ancient Music. Given the number of discs these groups have made across a wider and more instantly popular repertoire than we have dedicated ourselves to, and the fact that they were founded substantially before us, I feel honoured by this.

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Here are some of the details of the 2010 Tallis Scholars Summer School in Oakham:

The course will run from 10th to the 17th July 2010, with the final concert on the 17th and the possibility of a Tallis Scholars concert in Merton College, Oxford, on the 14th.

For this 11th edition, I have decided to concentrate on Lassus and the Flemish school:
Lassus: Missa Congratulamini
Lassus: Magnificat Praeter rerum seriem
Gombert: Lugebat Absalon
Lassus: Timor et tremor
Lassus: Extracts from the Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Clemens: Ego flos campi
Wert: Egressus Jesus
Wert: Ascendente Jesus

Please note that this is not the same repertoire as the 2010 Seattle course! For further details please contact Laura Tear on tsss.uk@googlemail.com or telephone: (+44) (0)20 8293 9911

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This photograph was taken in Florence Cathedral by Raffaele Puccianti on the 30th September 2009. It shows my rear view as I conduct the Tallis Scholars, intermingled with the students collected by Raffaele and Paolo Ramacciotti for some intensive study of renaissance music. This concert was the grand finale, attended by a thousand people.


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The National Centre for Early Music is delighted to announce the 2010 NCEM Composers Award in which they continue to develop their successful partnership with BBC Radio 3 and the internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble The Tallis Scholars. This major national award is open to composers up to the age of 25, divided into two age categories: 18 and under, and 19 to 25.

The 2010 NCEM Composers Award invites young composers to compose a new a cappella (unaccompanied) piece for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.  The Award will be judged by Peter Phillips, Director of The Tallis Scholars; Chris Wines, Senior Music Producer BBC Radio 3 and Delma Tomlin, Director of the NCEM. The winners’ pieces will be premiered by The Tallis Scholars in Chester Cathedral as part of the 2010 Chester Summer Music Festival. BBC Radio 3 will record and broadcast highlights of this concert. (more…)

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I am pleased to announce the creation of a Tallis Scholars facebook page for supporters the world over. Although it is very young, this page already includes news about our records, concert programmes and Summer Courses (TSSS). You will probably know better than me how to sign on to it, but www.facebook.com seems to be a good start. And then you can try to guess the identity of Thomas Tallis himself, who has joined as a fan. I hold this to be praise indeed. But please sign on yourself, and encourage your polyphonic friends to do the same.

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