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TSSS Sydney 2010

Here are most of the details of the 2010 Tallis Scholars Summer School in Sydney:

This course will run from the 16th to the 23rd January 2010. The tutors will be myself, Jan Coxwell and Deborah Roberts. The repertoire is to be:

Victoria: Requiem
A. Lobo: Versa est in luctum
Guerrero: Regina caeli
Vivanco: Magnificat for double choir
Guerrero: Usquequo domine
Esquivel: In paradisum

For further details please contact Liz McKenzie on: lizm@ozemail.com.au or see our website on www.tsss.uk.com


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Here are some of the details of the 2010 Tallis Scholars Summer School in Seattle:

The course will run from 24th to the 31st July 2010. We shall be exploring some aspects of the Flemish school in the 16th century, focussing on Isaac and Lassus:

Isaac: Missa Solemnis
Lassus: Motet and Magnificat Aurora lucis rutilat
Lassus: Omnes de Saba
Lassus: Alma redemptoris
Lassus: Lamentations III (Thursday)
Clemens: Ego flos campi
Gombert: Magnificat III

For more information please contact Rebekah Gilmore on tsss.rebekah@gmail.com or phone (+1) 509-668-2468

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Here are some of the details of the 2010 Tallis Scholars Summer School in Oakham:

The course will run from 10th to the 17th July 2010, with the final concert on the 17th and the possibility of a Tallis Scholars concert in Merton College, Oxford, on the 14th.

For this 11th edition, I have decided to concentrate on Lassus and the Flemish school:
Lassus: Missa Congratulamini
Lassus: Magnificat Praeter rerum seriem
Gombert: Lugebat Absalon
Lassus: Timor et tremor
Lassus: Extracts from the Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Clemens: Ego flos campi
Wert: Egressus Jesus
Wert: Ascendente Jesus

Please note that this is not the same repertoire as the 2010 Seattle course! For further details please contact Laura Tear on tsss.uk@googlemail.com or telephone: (+44) (0)20 8293 9911

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I am pleased to announce the creation of a Tallis Scholars facebook page for supporters the world over. Although it is very young, this page already includes news about our records, concert programmes and Summer Courses (TSSS). You will probably know better than me how to sign on to it, but www.facebook.com seems to be a good start. And then you can try to guess the identity of Thomas Tallis himself, who has joined as a fan. I hold this to be praise indeed. But please sign on yourself, and encourage your polyphonic friends to do the same.

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The opening concert of the TSSS Seattle course, to be given in St James’s Cathedral on July 26th by the Tudor Choir of Seattle, will consist of the following:

Vivanco: Magnificat a 8
Vivanco: O sacrum convivium a 6
Victoria: Alma redemptoris mater a 8
Victoria: Missa Alma redemptoris mater a 8
Guerrero: Ave Maria  a 8
Guerrero: Regina caeli

to be conducted by me and Doug Fullington.

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The 2009 TSSS course in Seattle will be dedicated to the music of Victoria:

Victoria: Missa pro Victoria (a 9)
Victoria: Requiem (a 6)
Victoria: Responsories for Good Friday (a 4)
Guerrero: Duo Seraphim (a 12)
Guerrero: Hei mihi domine (a 6)

Please visit www.tsss.uk.com for details on how to apply. The course will take place between 25th July and 1st August.

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The 10th TSSS Oakham course is a special event, with some special repertoire:

Tallis: Gaude gloriosa
Sheppard Verbum caro
Tallis: In jejunio et fletu
Gibbons: O clap your hands
Tallis: If ye love me
Tallis: O sacrum convivium

Gibbons: Second Service
Byrd: Second Service


The course will take place between July 11th and 18th. For further details please visit http://www.tsss.uk.com

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